Not for Profit Organizations


Nonprofit and tax exempt organizations understand the value of a dollar and stretch each one to keep the doors open and support the mission.   And yet, nonprofits face complex reporting requirements and specialized tax laws that can make operating a nonprofit challenging.

Not only are you confronted with increased financial scrutiny and unique operational and financial demands, but you are held accountable for financial reporting,  meeting goals, and satisfying the requirements of the governing board, contributors and regulatory agencies.

As valued advisors we offer comprehensive accounting and tax services.   Our clients include membership organizations, health and welfare organizations, educational institutions, public and private foundations, and private country clubs.

Our team of experienced and specialized nonprofit experts provide innovative solutions for reducing expenses, streamlining operations, and ensuring compliance with requirements for maintaining tax exempt status.

We are available to work with your audit committee or board to help achieve your organization’s missions and goals.

We demonstrate our commitment to our nonprofit practice through community service and involvement with nonprofit organizations. Many of Samet’s team members participate on boards of charitable organizations.


Membership / Community Involvement

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