Professional Services

Our professional services include:

Structuring acquisitions

Business valuation

Due diligence on M&A candidates

Managing payables and receivables

Managing payables and receivables

Cash flow analysis and cost reductions

It takes one to know one.  As a professional service firm, Samet understands the impact that solid financial management can have on your bottom line.

We provide expert accounting and consulting services to help you advance your business goals.

The entity structure of your service firm  will be a determining factor in the guidance we can offer.

Our law firm expert advisors can help you feel confident in the financial strength of your firm for years to come.

As a member of TIAG/TagLaw we have solid and meaningful relationships with accounting and law firms across the country and around the world.

The partner to partner conversations that take place at conferences in which we share best practices and seek advice on less than satisfactory aspects of our firms are invaluable.

This additional insight allows us to proactively bring new ideas to our clients.

We have helped legal, architectural, consulting, engineering, medical, and other service firms identify business risks, assess and improve internal controls, and manage budgets and forecasts.






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